Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction

After much encouragement and assertions that many of my designs would look rather fetching as skins to various consumer products, to wit and behold:


I chose eleven of my creations and have been uploading and positioning the largest files I can generate onto the Society6 platform. So click on through here and see what you like. Society6 is known for their high quality printing and products as well as top-notch customer service. If you purchase prior to December 14, your items should arrive by December 25th. There are also coupons and frequent sales for Society6 floating about their site and mailing lists. Their search engine doesn't seem to favor newbies for some reason, so find my stuff through the links above. If you are feeling spunky, perhaps even click on the "like" hearts by each product you fancy and tell your friends that their lives could be filled with pop art psychedelia if only they'd open their m̶i̶n̶d̶s̶ wallets. 

Dreamtime Return

Where the micro hits the macro.


After a 7-month pause for working on the coloring book, I declare this painting finished. I had just begun to play around with some of the freehand forms that have appeared in my drawings when opportunity struck. The painting waited patiently on its easel while I worked with black pens and looked longingly at color. 

Title: "Topographia." Otherwise, the title would've been something like "Topographia Vietnam Chakra Intestinal Terrain Chi Interior Macro Battle Adjustment: Tactics, Strategy and Alignment Continuum."

Acrylic on canvas. 12" x 36"

It will be on display at Renaissance Healing Arts, 1004 Pine Street when I get it together to drop it off to them.