Andrew Chalfen is an artist and musician living in Philadelphia. 


His art is of worlds inspired by aerial views, fly-over zones, cartography, architectural renderings, ripples, radiances, fractal blooms, and other natural and man-made patterns. Though often overtly psychedelic and obsessive in impact, his works also function as meditations, both in their creation and in their appreciation. Drawings from this collection first began appearing in 2008 after the artist had finger surgery on his guitar fretting hand. (Ask him about his non-cancerous bone-eating tumor.) Unable to play music for months, he found that drawing these intricate patterns fulfilled much of his ever-present need to be creative, to have the forward momentum of making art. It is his hope that the viewer might not know what to focus on first, become pleasantly overwhelmed, then experience the calm of losing oneself in the details in pattern. A sort of visual acupuncture.

Most of his art pieces are intended to be displayed as the displayer sees fit. "Up" is how one happens to feel about it at the time.

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Andrew Chalfen has led and been a member of many bands. His first band, The Wishniaks (1986-91) toured the U.S. extensively and released two albums, an ep, two singles, and tracks scattered across various compilations. A video managed to be appear twice on MTV's 120 minutes. Chalfen has since been a member of the Barnaby's, Bundtcake Vesuvius, Gimme, the Shimmers, Joey Sweeney, and Helen Back and the Str8 Razors. In 1995 he formed the Trolleyvox, which over the next 10 or so years with a a rotating cast of musicians (but mainly Beth Filla) released five albums and also did it's fare share of touring before a career in music completely stopped making sense. There is a 6th Trolleyvox album nearing completion.

Throughout Chalfen has been recording instrumental music, first on a 4-track cassette, then on various digital apparatuses. In late 2011 he and occasional collaborator Dean "Clean" Sabatino (the Dead Milkmen) finally got around to making an album. They teamed up with musician/recording engineer/author/old pal J. Robert Lennon to form I Think Like Midnight. The record, released in Fall 2014, is called Warm Seclusion Structure. The recording of a follow-up album is underway (as of Fall 2016). Additionally, Chalfen is currently working on an album with bassist Owen Biddle (the Roots, Edit Bunker, Mr. Barrington, The Trolleyvox) which they might characterize as spooky loop-based acoustic folktronica. Chalfen is also a musician and co-writer in Velvet Kirtan with Beth Filla, and has been stretching his live guitar skills and making new neural connections in the bands of Adrien Reju and Matt Keating.

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